Air freight

The fast and reliable transportation method.


Flugzeugturbine im Sonnenuntergang
Flugzeug wird mit Fracht beladen
Flugzeugträger mit Turbine mit Fracht auf Wagen im Hintergrund
Wagen mit Luftfracht kurz vor Beladung ins Flugzeug

Why airfreight?

Airfreight has seen increasing growth rates for decades. Among other things, this is due to the fast transport time of the goods over medium and long distances. The high level of planning confidence in the delivery process and the low risk of possible transport damage contribute to the growing relevancy of this transport route. We are happy to offer you alternative transport solutions to the traditional export and import shipments with an exclusive booking (split or full charter) or to the on-board courier. We have chosen to join the IATA association so that we can give you the best and most convenient service thanks to direct booking possibilities with the airlines registered in the IATA organisation.