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LKW wird an Laderampe von Lagerhaus beladen
Gabelstapler faehrt mit Paketen durch Gaenge von Lagerhalle
Pakete stehen in einer großen Lagerhalle
Roboter mit Paket faehrt durch Lagerhalle

The economic function and importance of a professional warehouse strategy is often underestimated. This way, you ensure that products are in stock and can be delivered at any time. A high level of delivery reliability and delivery, loyalty creates confidence in the product and the company and thus strengthens the relationships with wholesale partners and the end customer. The strategic storage of raw materials needed for the respective production secures the production cycle by maintaining the supply chain and the corresponding material flow. The warehousing and logistics branch has the strong growth of e-commerce to thank for its increasing importance. In 2021, the total warehouse space in Germany already exceeded 9 million square metres.