Sea freight

Cheap and global on a large scale.


Grosses Containerschiff liegt an der Containerbruecke am Kai im Hafen
Grosses beladenes Containerschiff laeuft aus dem Hafen
Container haengt am Kran der Containerbruecke
Viele Container stehen am Hafen an den Containerbruecken

Why sea freight?

The extraordinary delivery service of the gigantic container ships and the low transport costs over large delivery distances make sea freight a significant and essential component of global trade. Even if this transport path involves comparatively longer delivery times, the carrying ship can simultaneously and sensibly be used as a “floating warehouse” in order to save possible storage costs. As a registered FIATA member, we undertake your sea freight shipment for you directly and without diversions — from bulk goods to a full container, as a direct shipment or in inter-modal transport. Even if you have larger plans, we move you and your goods with the RoRo process / break bulk shipping reliably and safely to the destination.